Featured on Nikon’s Website?? That’s Me!

    Nikon World photography magazine feature on seattle photographer laurel mcconnell

I know, pretty crazy, right??? I’m beyond excited, and have been pretty speechless about it- I mean, it’s a huge honor to be chosen by your own industry for something that you love to do and work so hard at. They’re Nikon, they KNOW photography. Our studio has had such an amazing shooting season this past spring/summer/fall that it’s been so hard to find the time to blog about this! I didn’t mean to NOT tell you… I just… got sidetracked! (oh, that Photographer’s A.D.D….)

article in Nikon World photography trade magazine about seattle wedding photographer laurel mcconnell


The short of it: the camera company that I chose 11 years ago, to make my images with, knows who I am (Eeeee!). Better yet, they like my work enough to feature it in their breathtakingly printed industry magazine, Nikon World, as well as on their photography equipment website, NikonUSA.com (“I die,” a la Rachel Zoe). You can read about how some of my images came to be in the article, and on their website you can even hear me dissect how the images came to be, touching on alternative cropping, inspiration behind a few shadow images, reflections, and using the scene to anchor the shot.

Go check it out, but mostly, keep reaching for your dreams!!

(special thanks to my clients for being so rad as to trust me to shoot they way that makes me feel happy, and for my bestie Babs McGee for shooting my mug!)

  • Alice G Patterson - Congratulations… looks great!

  • Katie Scharer via Facebook - Fantastic and congrats! You are amazing, my dear!

  • Eldad Efendi - Congrats!! This is awesome, great job!!

  • Phil Holden via Facebook - yeah :)

  • Keenan Sanders via Facebook - WOooOt! Go Laurel!

  • Shannon Wing Bishop via Facebook - you are amazing!

  • Andrea Roth Meisgeier via Facebook - Woo hoo!!!

  • Kerri - That’s Bananas! (in a Raceh Zoe voice) huge congrats my friend you are totally amazingly awesome!!!

  • Marisa Josephine Lown via Facebook - A well deserved honor, congratulations!!

  • ron storer - ya you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbie Hull - Laurel!! You are so awesome and we are so proud of you!!! XOXOXOXO

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