WPPI Junebug Skyloft Party Ticket Giveaway!!!!

Update! Contests to Corey Ralston and Stephanie Reeder, our awesome Skyloft party ticket winners! See you guys there with your fancy pants on!

  • Oh yes, that’s right. The elusive Junebug Skyloft Party is happening at WPPI again this year! WHY exactly do I think you’d find this information interesting? Well. Let’s see here.

    1. The Junebug Weddings editors will be there. In case you haven’t noticed, they are an amazing style resource for brides AND eye candy for photographers shooting weddings. They kinda know their stuff.
    2. You will get to put your paws on Nikon’s newest primes and speedlights.
    3. You will get to shoot some boudoir with Nikon’s newest primes and speedlights.
    4. You will get to wear your sassy/dapper outfit. You know the one. High atop the MGM, the Skylofts are slightly fancy. And the view is slightly amazing.
    5. Your friends will be jealous that you got to rub elbows with the slightly fancy guest list. It is pretty intimate & exclusive, so the only way to go is to win tickets.
    6. The Skylofts have their own supersecret private elevator and private butler.
    7. It smells like heaven when you get off the elevator.
    8. You totally wanted to ditch whatever else you have planned on Tuesday Feb 22 from 7pm til **late.**

    Want to win a ticket? There are 2 ways to enter, and you can enter as many times as you’d like (but please, not all in a row. you’ll look like an over-eager cyber stalker ;).

    1. Tweet your inspiration along with the following at the end (so I can find you!): #photomuse #nikonWPPI @junebugweddings
    2. Leave a comment with your inspiration on this blog post

    We will draw two winners Saturday at noon (west coast time) and make contact via email (if you comment) or direct message (if you tweet).

    Ok, so what is this inspiration I speak of? I’m talking about what inspires you. What do you think of before heading out the door on a shoot? What do you listen to, look at, or immerse yourself in? What or who is your muse? Let’s get personal here, folks. What floats your boat? Let’s inspire each other.

    Is it quirky glasses or floppy hats? Rain or early morning light? Bob Ross or Robert Frost? The color blue or Picasso’s Blue Period? The Anthro catalog or the Beatles Anthology? A certain book, a blog, or a mag? Smiling clients or frowning ones?

    …and go!

    • Rebecca Martin Quezada - Nice photo! Wink wink

    • Lisa Kretschmann - I love fashion magazines as inspiration…harpers bazaar, vogue, elle, etc.

    • Tweets that mention WPPI Junebug Skyloft Party Ticket Giveaway!!!! | Laurel McConnell Photography -- Topsy.com - [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laurel McConnell, ben + mindy peterson. ben + mindy peterson said: RT @laurelmcconnell: Want to win tickets to @junebugweddings Skyloft party at #WPPI this year? Check it –> http://bit.ly/hOOIBl #nikonWPPI [...]

    • Barbie Hull - The things that inspire me?!? THERE ARE SO MANY!! Well – for starters, parties inspire me!! Laurel McConnell’s blog inspires me, shopping on etsy is RIDICULOUSLY inspiring, the ladies of JUNEBUG inspire me beyond belief — I can’t WAIT to get to that party!! See you in VEGAS!!

    • Carolyn Ann Ryan - Looking at these blue eyes staring back at me everyday is my inspiration. #photomuse #nikonWPPI @junebugweddings http://twitpic.com/406m4g

      Imaging her in a wedding dress someday, makes me cry already (and luckily it’s a long way away).

    • Jim Harris - Waiting for inspiration is another way of saying that you’re stalling. You don’t wait for inspiration, you command it to appear !

      -Seth Godin

    • Corey Ralston - I am inspired by JOY. When I capture someone experiences pure and honest happiness I make sure to click. I love to find photographers who also capture honest emotion.

      I love scouring the net and looking at others photographers blogs and see the new ways they have developed to keep our line of work interesting.

      See you at WPPI!

    • Shannon Lassen - Ummm, Laurel, YOU inspire me! And I’ll see you at the Skyloft! Wooooohoooo! xo

    • Emily - I like being inspired by nature. I like taking nice long walks and clearing my head, and more importantly, getting out of my office! Or I like getting to my site early and just walking around, and taking in the scenery. I find that it refreshing right before a shoot!

    • Kate McElwee - I get inspired by everything on the screen … from movies to TV shows to music vids (recent hits include Boardwalk Empire, True Blood, and pretty much any movie by the Coen Brothers … )

    • Kat Speyer - I get my inspiration from from funky things a little different and rough around the edges… quirky things in nature, old buildings, silly smiles, off-kilter personalities. All the funny, imperfect goodness of the world. I’d love to join y’all in the loft!

    • Jenny J - Crazy ladies inspire me!

    • Stephanie Reeder - What Inspires me? For me, my inspiration comes from the connection with my clients. While cliché, the more emotionally connected a couple is for me the more an image comes alive and tells their story. I also find great inspiration from my family, colleagues {like you} , music, and blogs like Style Me Pretty. If there is beauty, connection, and a story to be told….I’m there! Thank you for giving such a great opportunity to win. I look forward to meeting you next week!

    • Cristi Hoefer - Okay, lets see. Inspiration? I find it everywhere I look and within everyone I meet. Photography gives you the chance to meet so many amazing people who will share the lives they’ve lived, all the troubles and tear jerking moments without second thought. I love to see how people who were dealt a terrible hand at life, can and have turned it into this amazing sequence that stole the jackpot away from their generations stories. I find drive in the families I photograph who are full of love towards their children, not the ones nagging at them ‘stop doing this’ or ‘look at the camera and do that’. I just want to capture children doing what they do, show their personalities in the images, NOT just what they look like. I have no rules other than let them be little!!!
      I lost my mother at a very young age and for a long time felt what was permanently damaged. She, an alcoholic, and he, my father who worked day and night, didn’t take us to get photographs or do all the fun adventures most children get to experience. I have a handful of photos of myself growing up and in them I don’t even look happy. Those photographs remind me of how much I have hated what I was born into for so long. I have found a way to channel that pain in a way to create happiness for others. I forget everything and just pretend, create and become the subject during my shoot. When I see families, happy in love families, I want nothing more than to give those children and parents what I have always lacked, those cherished moments and memories displayed beautifully just like a chapter in their museum of life. And so that is what I do, each moment created is created anew. We joke and have fun and live in the moment during my photo sessions. I hold a high emotional standard for my photography so to those who view feel like they were there.
      That next memory is what fuels my drive! Without needing to be said, I’d love to win and if I don’t thank you for the opportunity and the chance to share what inspires me.

    • Ricardo Jimenez - What inspired me? Movies, like Secretarian, Radio, Remember The Titans, my customers when they smile and laugh at the same time they see their images, my twins boys when they smile at me and have that look in their face like “Is ok I will attack This world one day at a Time”

    • Corey Ann - Ironically this Nikon girl’s boat is floated by the movie Titanic. The images are breathtaking and the music transports you to another place. Oh… and that mean guy may be a jerk but he is kind of hot. ;)

    • Tami Keehn - What inspires me? A Crate and Barrel Catalog, A beautiful sunset, an awesome magazine spread, seeing the work of another great photographer, driving by cool architecture.

    • Caroline - I am inspired by fashion magazines, movies and pop culture and contemporary artists. But my hubby and I also listen to Britney Spears on our way to shoot a wedding. “Kill The Lights” gets us pumped, what can I say? :)

    • Melissa McFadden - Ohhh, tough question. It may be easier to list what doesn’t inspire me, but I would have to say first and foremost, nature. I started my “grown-up” life as a biologist. Very left-brain, analytical, scientific method, lab work type of stuff. Photography took me completely by surprise, and while it’s nearly entirely a right-brain type of venture, the deeper I go the more I see the similarities. The patterns, textures, symmetry, colors…both lives merge into one. On a completely different note, have you discovered Pinterest yet? Sooooo much great stuff. :) Hope to meet you in Vegas!

    • Romonia Isaac - Life, love, fashion, photography & other photographers inspire me daily. They are my inspiration. With those things, an abundant of other opportunities come along with them. :) Looking forward to seeing you a WPPI and congratulations the lucky random number!

    • Doug Loates - Great question! Here is a list (random order!)
      - My wife and daughters
      - Dreaming of buying a ‘fixer-upper’ in Italy
      - Great artwork – Wyeth, Tobey, Rothko, Rauschenberg…..
      - Night
      - Memories
      - The challenge to get really, REALLY good at something
      - Faces in stones
      - Driving too fast
      - Unconditional love from my dog
      - Triple Grande Lattes
      - Great music (I mean GREAT music!)
      - Great poetry
      - (Did I already mention my wife??)
      - Breathing

    • Katie Ford - I’m inspired by mid-century modern lines, sunrises, and everyday heros!

    • Mel Carll - My inspiration is to remember that I am creating a lifetime of memories and gets my pumped as what better gift than creating a timeless gift of photographs that 25 years from now someone can relive those emotions and feel like they are still at the wedding.

    • Emma - fashion inspires me, knowing that people trust in me is inspiring . People i dont know in love that i see, inspires me.

    • David - It’s Vegas, baby. Neon, chips and heels.

    • Allie S. - I just like to sit quietly and daydream before a hectic day of shooting. I also find inspiration through traveling to new places and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

    • Brett - Killer light and couples who are just a bit too much in love. Ok that’s not possible.

    • John Huson - Insp: unheard indi-music that is bound for stardom, capturing a feeling or moment in time, & other creative people!

    • corey ralston - I just found this… i never knew i won :(

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