Polka Dots and Hot Pink: A Glamorous Engagement Session in Downtown Seattle

polka dot bowtie and martinis for a glamorous engagement portrait

I was so excited when Jenny and Rex shared their concept for their Getting To Know You Shoot with me. Hot pink dress + tuxedo = modern & dramatic. To my delight, she wore a lovely pink Lanvin party dress and he donned a black and white polka dotted bow tie when we started off the day at Hotel 1000 in Seattle. This was the perfect introduction to them as a couple- what they like, how they joke, and what their style will be for their wedding this summer at the super hip boutique W Hotel in downtown Seattle!!!

swanky & glamorous engagement portraits at a pink table in a Seattle club

And yes, it was early in the morning. And yes, those are real cocktails. It’s how we roll!

Dramatic engagement portrait on a purple stairwell at Hotel 1000 in Seattle
dressy engagement portraits of a hot pink dress and polka dot bowtie on the Seattle waterfront

These polka dotted balloons match Rex’s super hip bow tie!!! We found the most PERFECT shiny black iron wall for a backdrop, too!

engagement portraits with polka dot balloons and bowtie and a tuxedo against a vintage steel wall on the Seattle waterfront
a fancy couple walking by an urban parking garage downtown with balloons for engagement pictures

She’s so beautiful (MAN you’ve got legs, girrrl!) and he’s so handsome- I can’t wait to see what they’re going to wear on their wedding day this July!

black and white photography of romantic engagement picture of couple walking with balloons
a dramatic couple in a grungy urban parking garage for their engagement portraits in Seattle

  • Nicole Goddard - love these!!

  • Laurel McConnell - That will go down in history as the fastest comment EVER! My page didn’t even reload and you were already on it! Thanks Nicole!!

  • Kerri Zender Efendi - Stunning Laurel! What a fun couple I’m also working with them! Super fun thanks for sharing!!

  • Nicole Goddard - Really? Well, I looked at them all and love’em!

  • Latasha Eaddy Haynes - I LOVE THIS.

  • Latasha Eaddy Haynes - I LOVE THIS.

  • Laurel McConnell Photography - OH! I can’t wait to see what sort of delicious paperie you come up with!!!!

  • Meggie - oh%20my%20gosh%20this%20is%20so%20fun!%20love%20it!%20

  • Meggie - whoops! that’s not what i meant to write…haha. love this shoot! very fun :)

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