From the start I knew we’d have loads of fun doing absolutely nothing.

Zach and Erika are super down to earth folks, and split their time between Seattle and Salt Lake City. They looove the outdoors, so I knew that Discovery would be a new awesome place for them to explore (they’re kinda new in town). It’s got miles and miles of trails that weave over the bluff, through the woods, and down to the shore where a lighthouse lives. Perfect for picnics among spit bugs and earthworms (yes, there were lots of them!).

undefinedundefinedundefinedI just love seeing two people so in love (oh boy, here we go. gushy wushy baby waby). They just couldn’t stop smiling and playing, and it made them so so fun to photograph. And I love her unique engagement ring- very modern and slick.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedCongrats you guys. I’m super excited for your wedding in Ballard in just 1 month!!!!! (and thank you for co-modeling for my review on the Nikon 35mm f1.4!


Tech Specs: these images were captured at Discovery Park just before the rain rolled in, using a Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm, and Nikon 35mm