NOTICE TO CRAIGSLIST POSTERS: There is currently a scammer that is impersonating me and my business by responding to your real estate listings on the East Coast and referring back to my website & {this very real} blog post. I believe that they are trying to pull off a “Nigerian 419 Scam” (Google it if you want to know how they work). Please email them back and tell them that you’re onto them and to move on – if enough of you do, they’ll stop using my name and wasting my time as a small business owner (and yours, too!). More importantly, please fill out a complaint form (it will take less than 3 minutes to do this) on the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center website: Unfortunately, Craigslist and Gmail don’t seem to be able to (or want to) help us, and this is the only way to help our society guard against future internet fraud. Good luck in your listings!

REGULAR BLOG READERS: Read on. This is a real post about two really lovely people who had a really lovely wedding that we also blogged and had published (check the Real Weddings category of our blog). Sorry for the intrusion in your blog-reading experience 🙂

They live in Greenlake and were engaged at Greenlake, so it was pretty obvious that this would be where we’d be photographing them for their engagement/Getting To Know You Shoot!!! I’m so glad they were able to take some time out of their uber busy schedules- although I know Melissa through the Seattle wedding industry, she has been a busy little bee not only planning her own stylish wedding, but also opening a new venue in SoDo, Urban Enoteca.

These two ooooooze style. Their home is GORGEOUS (it’s what I want when I grow up), her dress is a one-of-a-kind, UK couture, yumalicious creation, that she once called “business in the front and party in the back,” and their wedding is gonna be off the hook. And it’s this weekend. At the Georgetown Studios. What else can I say…. other than you know it’ll be just delicious with all her savvy planning sense and industry connections! I can’t wait to see it all come together after hearing visions of French 75’s, special hot pink lighting, vases from Anthropologie, mercury votive holders, and vintage metal display & serve ware.

Early congrats  you handsome and gorgeous Giggly McGigglersons. See you soon for some more photo-torture….. {insert evil laugh here, you know the one, goes something like “muhahahahaha!”}