I know, right?

funny engagement portraits

It was short, it was sweet, and it was fun. Kelsey, Mike, and I roamed around the Center of the Known Universe, a.k.a. the artistically eccentric neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, for some not-so-serious engagement portrait fun. Call it an urban scavenger hunt if you will, because it was so much fun to break out of the norm and just meander around with no clear direction of exactly WHICH direction we wanted to go. We found yellow walls, old red trucks with boxing gloves (yes! boxing gloves!), beautiful weeds, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, brews at Brouwers!

silly engagement portraits and red wall

One of their favorite activities together is screen printing. I love Mike’s yellow car hoodie. Maybe I could get them to screen print me a t with my logo on it…. that would be rad. Wait. Dorky. Never mind…

engaged couple lying in the grassfun engagement portraits under seattle bridge

We have these two on loan from San Francisco for their wedding in Port Ludlow in August. I saw the dress and I know the details, and I can’t wait to see it in reality! It’s GOT to be rad- Kelsey is a designer for the city’s favorite custom jewelry shop Green Lake Jewelry Works, and Mike lovingly developed a certain special alternate fuel source. These are hip folks. Their wedding will be hip. Whether they like it or not. Oh yes. It will.

fun engagement session in Fremont Seattleengagement portraits in the pub

I know, right?