What a whirlwind week it’s been! While over on the East Coast in gorgeous Maryland last week shooting Billy & Julie’s wedding, timing was just too perfect to swing by DC and hang out with DJ Kane and Natasha to see their beautiful baby girl. Actually, Natasha had hoped to have me shoot the live birth (WOW! Talk about an honor!), but apparently baby Sam had some other plans in mind! She came a couple of weeks early, and man is she just the cutest gal with the coolest mohawk ever! I couldn’t wait to navigate through DC’s crazy streets to see them (THANK YOU GARMIN!)- the last time we saw them was last April for their gorgeously romantic wedding in Florida. Thank you SO much Kane and Natasha for allowing us into your lives for all these special moments! (hahaha, including following Kane to work to see how his studio works- we even got to listen to some live calls from listeners of one of his three radio shows for DC’s Hot 99.5 and Tampa’s 99.3 FLZ!)  See you guys again, soon, I’m sure!!!