Ahhh yes, the joys of shooting during Seattle’s lovely spring weather.  The sideways rain, the whipping wind.  But we still had a great old time- it was all worth it by the end (and you’ll see why in a second!)

They have two dogs.  They’re both super talented doctors- she’s an OBGYN and he’s a pulmonary specialist.  They are coincidentally my neighbors (Go Ballard!).  So naturally, we romped around our stomping grounds, starting at Golden Gardens, then back up to Ballard for some pics around the ‘hood.

I love interesting wall patterns (what photographer doesn’t…)- a big shiny gold star to the first person (not named Ian or Megan) who can name where this wall is in the comments field!!!  You KNOW you know where it is if you’ve had a night out at the hip bars or shopped the boutiques!

Then we headed inside Conor Byrne for a couple of beers to warm up and dry out.  Actually, this particular favorite Ballard hangout is unusually special (other than open mic night on Sundays, of course! See everyone there next Sunday at 8, right?!?!): it was the site of their first date.  And then right across the street (hence our image of the street corner!) the Tractor Tavern was the site of their proposal-he was too excited to keep his plans to himself and blurted it out during a show (gotta love boys when they do stuff like that!)

Their wedding this summer is going to be so fun and laid back, yet naturally beautiful and elegant- the lovely and talented Michelle Engvall (of Married & More With Michelle) is planning some fun things for the party at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse (but of course! “Go Ballard,” remember?!), complete with an Irish pub band to keep us singing old Irish folk tunes!